How to setup recurring task workflows for your team in Asana

Written by Jonathan

Apr 9, 2022 Less than 1min read

Do you need to manage recurring tasks as part of a workflow for your team? Asana is a great, free, way to do this. In this 1 min office productivity tutorial, Jonathan Burns explains how to set this up in Asana.

You can get a free Asana account at

After you sign up Asana will only show you paid plans but you can just manually type in and you’ll be in the free version.

How we use recurring tasks

We use Asana to manage many aspects of the virtual bookkeeping workflow including:

  • Reminders to file HST/GST on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Reminders to file corporate and personal tax returns
  • Reminders to run payroll and remit payroll deductions

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