About Back Office Stars

I recorded this 2 years ago. We now have 4 bookkeepers from Alberta to Ontario and 35 clients.

Jonathan Burns is the founder of Back Office Stars and Strategy Cube, a digital consultancy. Jonathan spent the first six years of his marketing career at Procter & Gamble where he founded P&G Canada's Digital Marketing Group. After Procter & Gamble, Jonathan spent several years in senior leadership roles at smaller Canadian firms offering marketing & communications services. In 2007, he founded Strategy Cube.

Jonathan has spent the past ten years helping CEOs of mid-size firms and funded startups develop and execute winning digital marketing strategies. He has become an expert in hiring and managing digital professionals who prefer to work from home and coordinating their talents to service his clients.

He has a particular passion for helping stay-at-home moms achieve their career and financial goals while still being present for their families.

As a founder and business owner, Jonathan knows firsthand about outgrowing “do it yourself” bookkeeping and wishing there was a service that would take care of his bookkeeping and administration for him.

Several years ago, he taught his bookkeeper to use HubDoc and Dropbox so that he could stop having to drive a file folder of paper receipts to her office every month. As he talked to clients and his startup colleagues, he realized that many of them were still doing their own books and doing them inefficiently.

So, in the fall of 2017, Jonathan started Back Office Stars.

Jonathan leverages his expertise in hiring talented work-from-home marketers to find and recruit the best work-from-home bookkeepers. We have two CPAs on the team. We use efficient cloud-based applications to manage their workload, progress and ensure quality, and Jonathan helps to coach and encourage them.

We teach our clients to use cloud accounting apps to go paperless so that they can get better bookkeeping at an affordable price and more regularly updated financial statements. We help them make their back-end administration substantially more efficient and give them an accessible expert bookkeeper to manage it all.

Jonathan signed up our first bookkeeping client before the website was built, and we’ve never looked back.

Today, our team of six talented bookkeepers service clients across our great country, from BC to eastern Ontario. If you are in the Maritimes, we'd love to have you as a client so we can truly serve Canadians from coast to coast.