Get A Free, No-Obligation Bookkeeping Estimate

In order to give you an accurate estimate, we need to ask you some detailed questions about the volume of accounts, transactions, payroll staff etc.

We do need all these details to give you an accurate quote. If all you want is a rough idea of our pricing, please click here to see some examples.

If you are willing to, you can avoid counting all your transactions by giving us temporary access to your Quickbooks Online or Xero account and we will count up your account and transactions. To do this, please add dayna [at] to your account and then email Dayna and cc jonathan [at] and ask for an estimate. Please describe the services you are looking for.

Before you start please make sure you get several months worth of bank and credit card statements and statements for any other financial accounts like PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, Square etc that you might use.

To help you prepare, here is a complete list of all the questions we need answers to:

Legal Entities

How many legal entities are involved? (How many tax returns do you file for your companies (it's generally one tax return per legal entity)


Do you pay HST quarterly, monthly or annually?

Do you want us to calculate and file your HST returns?


Is there payroll you want us to manage?

Do you have an existing payroll system or do you need us to set one up for you? If we are setting one up we recommend using WagePoint or Knit.

How many employees do you have on payroll? How many pay days per month? How many on salary vs variable pay (hourly, commissions, tips). 

Which of these do we need to source deduct and remit beyond CPP, EI: WSIB (workplace insurance), EHT, Union dues, RSP/Pension or other?

Do your employees submit expenses that need to be reimbursed with payroll?

Bank & Credit Card Accounts & Transactions

How many bank accounts do you have?

# of transactions/mo across all bank accounts separated into batchable and non-batchable. Batchable or recurring transactions are all from the same source or to the same destination and can be batch processed in less time. Examples include deposits from a payment processor like Stripe. If you get paid by etransfer, don't include them in batchable as we have to match them to invoices.

How many credit card accounts do you have?

# of transactions/mo across all credit card accounts

Any other accounts to be reconciled, like Paypal, Stripe, Shopify etc? # of transactions/mo.

Do you have manual journal entries you need made every month and how many?


Are quarterly review meetings with your bookkeeper good, or do you want monthly?

When is your fiscal year end?

How many months of historical data do we need to import, categorize and reconcile?

What is your current accounting software?

Do you want Job Costing (a feature within the accounting software to track Profit & Loss on a per job basis)

Once you have sourced this information, please proceed to the