Online Payroll Software Features to Look For

Written by Jonathan

Jul 6, 2023 Less than 1min read

Here are the main features that the best online payroll software systems we use offer:

  1. Manage salaried staff where you set and forget. 
  2. Manage hourly staff where you have to input hours every pay period.
  3. Manage all the deductions properly including stopping EI, CPP deductions when a person maxes out and then restarting them the following year.
  4. Pay your staff through direct deposit
  5. Pay the remittances for you (this is a time saver!!)
  6. Provide paystubs and T4s with online access for your team

You can get these features from:

  1. Wagepoint
  2. Knit People

In the next chapters, we’ll walk you through how to set up payroll for small business in Canada using both Wagepoint and Knit, but first, you’ll need to register a payroll account with the CRA. Click the Next Chapter button to learn how to do that.

Looking for a better bookkeeping and payroll experience?

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