Conclusion: How to Set Up Payroll for Small Business in Canada – Correctly!

Written by Jonathan

Jun 22, 2023 Less than 1min read

If you’re running a small business, we know how much you have on your plate. Payroll shouldn’t add to the stress, so we hope you find some value in our payroll guide. 

But if you still need support handling payroll software, virtual bookkeeping services could help. Many bookkeeping and payroll companies in Canada offer unique services to help you run your business as smoothly as possible. 

Here at Back Office Stars, we take pride in our down-to-earth yet meticulous approach to bookkeeping. With skilled bookkeepers across the country, we aim to help every small business find a bit more time in their day by taking care of their bookkeeping. 

Ready to focus on your business expansion and leave payroll to the pros? Contact us today for a consultation!

Looking for a better bookkeeping and payroll experience?

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